General car check
Oil change, filters replacement - depending your car condition
Basic car engine repairs - seals, belts incl. timing belts, clutches and dual mass flywheels, head gaskets, turbocharges, fuel pumps, engine mountings, etc.
Cylinder head seal,piston rings replacement if exhaust gas emission is bad or no compression in car.
Exhaust repairs
Manual and automatic transmission repair
Car suspension - shock absorbers, wishbone bushes, ball joints, tie rods, etc.
Brakes-brake pads and shoes, brake discs, calipers and cables, ABS sensors.
Engine cooling system and cabin heating-thermostats,fans and radiators, switches, water pumps, intercoolers.
Computer diagnostic , ignition coils, leads, spark plugs and glow plugs, distributors, starter motors,alternators,switches,sensors,air flow meters.